About Me!

I’m a mortgage broker, mother, yogi and all-around go-getter (in no particular order) – It’s nice to virtually meet you!

I have over 20 years of experience in finance and have worked in many aspects of the industry. Currently, I work as a professional mortgage broker with Dominion Lending Centres Maximal Mortgages, leveraging my experience to help my clients realize their goals, and get the best solution possible for their unique needs. Collaborating with families and finding various options is my passion.

As a DLC broker, I offer one-stop convenience, education and empowerment for my clients to be confident to make decisions for their short and long term goals. Every lender offers different features and benefits with their product offerings. It is my role to navigate the myriad of options for my clients by assessing their needs, and providing appropriate solutions. 

As your mortgage specialist, I will help you understand how different rates, terms and conditions affect the overall cost of your home, monthly payments and financial flexibility.


Education. Options. Empowerment.

It is my commitment to you as my client to provide education and information about mortgages, so that you are confident that enough valuable information is available, that YOU are empowered to make well guided decisions for you and your family’s financial future.


The mortgage process is an intimate process, in that it requires you, the client, to be open and honest about your goals; short, medium and long term.

As a mortgage professional, it is my intention to assist clients that value working with someone that is passionate about their personal and financial successes. Trust and transparency, are the cornerstones of a successful relationship.




Straight Forwardness