Hey everyone. I hope you’re having a fantastic week as activity and volumes are rapidly increasing in the real estate market in the mortgage market. I thought it’d be a really great opportunity to address the question of can you shop for a really great mortgage during a Pandemic?

The answer is quite simply yes you can. Technologies a fantastic thing and it allows us to continue to effectively and efficiently do our job done. Explain to a little bit about what I’m doing with my client that we can ensure that while remaining saves that I can still provide my clients of the quality of care and service so they can continue to get the products and services that suit their needs so number one I am continuing to meet my clients via Zoom or Google meet or whatever platform that they have that allows me to share my screen and the reason why I want to share my screen as well it’s great to meet face-to-face with more important is that I can share the documents that I’m going over with my client so they can have a really great understanding of what they can expect how we can communicate and some of the things that they can you enter the page during the process of acquiring the mortgage.

Now there are other pieces and parts of the entire mortgage process that we are also continuing to do virtually. The other thing is is getting an appraisal so questions to client happy is the appraiser going to come into my home and they had requested please no not generally they can do a good chunk of the work that they require for the report report virtually now the appraiser may ask you to set things such as interior pictures are they’ll do the exterior pictures bail request the interior pictures from them sick from you so they can include that in their report to the lender the other part of the mortgage process we are managing to I do virtually is signing with your lawyer at some lawyers might be meeting in person but if not they can conduct a good chunk of the meeting with the client virtually, they would do it exactly like this using Zoom, Google Meet or whatever they choose so that they can at least say to the lender that yes they have met you and usually collected all of the documentation they need from you such as fire Insurance, government issued ID, that sort of thing is still be were able to do in a virtual platform.

If you are meeting Bank in person they are probably going to notice that they’re going to have things such as social distancing guidelines and indicating where you should stand to maintain the six feet of Separation hand sanitizers on site and of course indicating to that if you are feeling unwell please do not enter the premises so they’re just those are just a couple of things there should bear in mind while we move through stage tree opening and to the other side of this pandemic.

That’s it for now but as always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out and I’m happy to answer them for you enjoy the rest of your day and week